our team

We are travelers. We've backpacked, slept in hammocks, looked for places to eat. We're also tech-minded, constantly thinking of ways to improve our product, make it safer, make it more rewarding. 

This journey started with one girl living in a Costa Rican town who had an idea about how to make travel more financially inclusive for locals, more authentic for travelers, and more spectacular for everyone involved.

Two boys on the beach

our families

We're focused on delivering the best experience that we can offer for our users. All of our families have been visited by our team personally, legally verified, and required to complete a food sanitation check. These families want to meet you and show off the best of their culture and country. 

People toasting with glasses of wine


We, the founders of Panza, are committed to:

  1. Increasing the financial independence of the local families we work with
  2. Reducing destructive trends in tourism in Costa Rica and other developing nations
  3. Promoting the sovereignty, tradition, and identity of Costa Rican food
  4. Providing ethical, memorable, and human opportunities for travelers to interact with and relate to local communities.

We, the founders of Panza, believe:

  1. Our families are co-owners of our business
  2. If we do not succeed, it is by fault of us as founders and not of the concept or market
  3. Outcomes matter more than intentions
  4. Our success is defined by the number of lives made better and to the extent that they are made better
  5. Decisions will be made to benefit the families and users, not to benefit the team or the business

We, the founders of Panza, declare:

  1. Most people, when given the choice, choose to do the right thing
  2. People - regardless of their backgrounds - are inherently curious about each other
  3. Food is one of the best ways to learn about other peoples and other cultures

We, the founders of Panza, are oriented around one question:

Are we promoting the financial health of our host families and providing positive

experiences for all users with every decision we make as a company?